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Free bicycle registration is available by logging into your My Parking Account and selecting "Register Bicycle" in the Bicycle tab. The bicycle's serial number (usually found on the underside of the pedal crank), wheel diameter (a two-digit number found along the tire wall), make, model, and color are needed. Additional identifying items, such as a basket, special seat, or unique tire color, can be entered.

After registering online, TPS sends an information card and sticker to the owner. The sticker is placed on the frame of the bicycle, preferably the seat tube. 

Why Register?

Registering bicycles is a completely free way to aid in the recovery of stolen bicycles and offers a way for Transportation and Parking Services to contact a bicycle owner if needed, including regarding rule changes and special events like the Bike Clinic. If a registered bicycle is picked up during abandoned bicycle collections and its registration sticker is in tact, then TPS staff can contact the bicycle's owner.

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