Texas Tech University

Faculty & Staff

How does parking work on campus?

Texas Tech University and System employees can purchase a parking ePermit, which provides on-campus parking on the TTU campus. Those on campus manage their parking, including permits, contact information, vehicles, and citations, online through My Parking Account.

Texas Tech uses no physical parking permits; your permit is electronic and tied to the license plate number of the vehicle registered to your My Parking Account. Your vehicle has no sticker or hang tag, so always make sure your license plate number is correct in your My Parking Account and your license plate is visible from the driving aisle.

How do I purchase parking?

For your first purchase, bring the following to the Transportation and Parking Services:

  • A copy of your ePAF to verify employment
  • Your license plate number to register your vehicle
  • Cash, check, or credit card to make initial payment

TPS permit specialists will help you set up your account and place you in the lot closest to your workplace that has availability. If the lot you want has no availability, the permit specialist registers you for a wait list for that lot and any other nearby lots. You may see your number on wait lists or add other wait lists at any time in your My Parking Account. 

You may pay using one of two methods:

  • Automatic payroll deduction (automatic permit renewals, may require up to two months of deductions up front due to processing time)
  • Payment in full by cash, check, or credit card (must manually renew online or in person each year)

All subsequent renewals may be made online through My Parking Account.