Texas Tech University

Low Emissive (Green) Vehicle Parking

What It Is

As part of Texas Tech University's efforts to become an environmentally friendly campus and gain LEED certification for new buildings, low emission vehicle (LEV) parking spaces are available in various lots on campus. These spaces provide more proximate parking for LEV vehicles, but still require a permit for the lot in which they're located. Currently, LEV spaces are only available for Z2, R23 and R50 permit holders.

Who determines LEV status?

The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) developed and maintains the methodology for rating vehicles energy efficiency. Some items taken into consideration in the LEV rating include a vehicle's year, type, transmission, and engine size. Trucks and SUVs manufactured before 2000 do not qualify.

How It Works

Qualifying LEV vehicles with a valid ePermit for their lot must receive a special designation added to their ePermit. The Green Vehicle designation allows them to park in the LEV spaces located in within their lot. (Please note that this does not guarantee you an LEV space, but allows you to park in an LEV space in your lot if one is open.)

If you think your vehicle might qualify for LEV parking, please email parking@ttu.edu with the following:

(1) your vehicle's vehicle identification number (VIN) or a photo of its VIN, and
(2) whether your vehicle's transmission is manual or automatic.

Please allow one to two business days for processing. (Processing time may be longer during high email volume periods at the beginning of semesters.) A Transportation and Parking Services employee will contact you via email to let you know whether or not your vehicle qualifies.

If your vehicle qualifies, your vehicle will be given an additional ePermission to park in the LEV (green vehicle) spaces. The permission is not a substitute for a valid TTU parking ePermit; it acts as a supplement to a valid ePermit. Please do not park in the LEV areas until your LEV ePermission is confirmed.

Please contact us at (806) 742-PARK or parking@ttu.edu with any questions.