Texas Tech University

Finals Parking and Busing


Individual Study Day (December 7) has limited bus service. The Masked Rider route will not run on Individual Study Day or during finals. On weekdays during finals, the Red Raider and Double T bus routes run on a normal schedule and start routes 30 minutes early. Plan on arriving early if using the buses. Buses do not run on weekends due to open Area Reserved lots.


Parking During Finals

On weekdays from December 7 through 13, all commuter lots are open to any vehicle with a valid TTU commuter ePermit. (Those with a Commuter North, Commuter ICC, Commuter West, Commuter Satellite, Evening, or Raider Park ePemit may use Commuter North or Commuter West.)

Other parking areas on campus will operate as posted on their signs, including on weekends. Please remember that faculty and staff are still on duty during finals and must use their Area Reserved lots. This includes R03, the Library Lot, which is faculty/staff parking only weekdays from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. TOWING WILL BE ENFORCED IN R03.


Parking During the Winter Intersession

If you need to park on campus from December 14 through January 15, you may park in any residence hall space or commuter space. Please avoid reserved and service spaces within those lots because employees will be on duty.

Beginning December 11, vehicles will also be allowed to park on the second & third floors in the Flint Ave. Garage without displaying a permit through January 17. If you will be leaving your car on campus over the break, please consider moving it to the Flint Ave. Garage.