Texas Tech University

Rental Fleet


About Vehicle Rental

Vehicle Rental provides clean, low mileage 12-passenger vans for rent to any university department.

Rental charges are conveniently charged to departmental accounts.

Vehicle Rental Process

  1. Contact Vehicle Rental Fleet to check availability at pplant.vehiclerental@ttu.edu
  2. Complete the Vehicle Reservation Order Form
  3. The completed Vehicle Reservation Order Form will be automatically sent to Fleet Manager Cassandra Rodriguez
  4. Vehicle rental is scheduled
  5. All users must possess a valid operator's license and be approved by the Office of Risk Management.
  6. Driver will pick-up vehicle on scheduled date and time

Rental Rates

Our rental rates are as follows:

  • 12-passenger vans have an initial rental fee of $70 per day. The first 200 miles for each day are free, with an additional $0.40 fee for every mile thereafter.

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