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Commuter Parking Lots

Commuter North Thumbnail

Commuter North

C1 and C4 offer parking along the north border of campus near Jones AT&T Stadium and the Rawls College of Business.

Commuter ICC Thumbnail

Commuter ICC

These two smaller lots mean less competition for spaces, and both are walking distance from the Rawls College of Business.

Raider Park Thumbnail

Raider Park Garage 

Located north of campus across a pedestrian bridge spanning the Marsha Sharp Freeway, Raider Park Garage offers guaranteed covered parking.

Commuter West Thumbnail

Commuter West

A series of seven lots off Indiana Avenue and Texas Tech Parkway near the United Supermarkets Arena make up this ePermit.

 Flint Garage Thumbnail

Flint Avenue Parking Facility

Guaranteed covered parking in an easily accessible garage near a busy part of campus. 

Commuter Satellite Thumbnail

Commuter Satellite

The most economical parking option on campus has large lots off Texas Tech Parkway and bus service every seven minutes. 


Evening Thumbnail

Commuter Evening

This ePermit allows free parking in any commuter lot after 2:30 p.m., any park-and-pay location after 5:30 p.m., and Rec Center parking at any time for the two-hour maximum.



Residence Hall Parking Lots 

Z1 Thumbnail



Two lots off 8th and Akron make up the parking of Z1 ePermit holders.

Z2 Thumbnail



Portions of four lots comprise Z2 parking.

Z3 Thumbnail



One lot off 19th and two off 18th make up the Z3 parking area.

Z4 Thumbnail



Z4 contains one large lot off Hartford and 18th and a small lot off Flint and 18th.

Z5 Thumbnail



More than 700 spaces in three lots are available for Z5 ePermit holders. 

Z6 Thumbnail



Two lots off Flint hold parking for Z6 ePermit holders. 


Z7 Thumbnail


(West Village)

Directly north of West Village, residence access Z7 at the light at Texas Tech Parkway and Indiana Avenue.


 Commuter West Tower Icing Area

Tower Icing

Avoid the highlighted area if the Tower Icing closure is in effect.