Texas Tech University

Where Your Dollar Goes

Transportation and Parking Services funding comes from two sources: (1) permit sales, including park-and-pay, and (2) citations. No tuition or state money funds any part of TPS operations. By law, no state funds can be used for the creation or maintenance of parking lots or structures at public universities. 

The cost to build a surface parking lot averages roughly $4,000 per space. The national median for new parking garage construction is $18,599 per space. 

TPS employees and Texas Tech graduates developed the department's ePermit and eCitations programs in house. The programs save more than $131,000 annually compared to permit stickers, hangtags, and paper citations and contribute to greener, more sustainable operations. The programs even resulted in less employee turnover. TPS now licenses its programs to a third-party vendor, which sells the software to other municipalities, hospitals, and universities, including Baylor, Kansas, and Florida International universities.