Texas Tech University

Permit Cost History

The charts below show the past ten years of permit fees. The permit year begins the Monday after May commencement and ends the Sunday after May commencement.


Area Reserved ePermit Prices



Flint Garage Price History



Res Hall Price History



Commuter Price History

Commuter ePermit Price History

Until 2008, students could purchase a general commuter permit and park in either Commuter North or Commuter West. As populations on campus grew, this made parking difficult for commuter permit holders; many arrived on campus, drove around unable to find a space in their desired commuter lot, and were forced to drive across campus to park in the other commuter lot. This wasted valuable time and understandably led to a great amount of frustration for customers.

Starting with the 2008-2009 permit year, customers could now choose their preferred lot: Commuter North or Commuter West. This led to less time spent trying to find a space when arriving on campus, in many cases a parking lot closer to customers' destinations, and much less stress. It also resulted in a lower-priced option due to less demand at that time for Commuter North, which also had more spaces. It also meant greater lot utilization; by being able to park in the same lot every day, empty spaces could be gauged more accurately and more permits released for those who wanted to park on campus.

As time went on, Commuter West added more spaces while the northern area of campus gained more academic buildings, so the demand for Commuter North grew. The Commuter Satellite permit added a more cost-effective option for commuters, and the Raider Park Garage and Evening Permit provided customers with more parking options.


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