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Offering rides within Lubbock city limits and student employment opportunitiesSee how Texas Tech looked in its early days of busing and driving Download the app to find your next bus in real time


Welcome to the cycling community of Texas Tech! Each year, thousands of students and employees choose to bike to and from campus or even from their parking lot to their buildings. Texas Tech is the first League of American Bicyclists silver-level Bicycle Friendly University in Texas (press release). 

This section of the website aims to provide the information you need to know about bicycling on campus:

  • Basics (safety precautions and state and university regulations)
  • Bicycle Sales (a TPS program that sells used bicycles to students and employees for a nominal cost)
  • Registration (a free way to protect your bicycle and learn about bicycling events on campus)
  • Bike Clinics (a free tune-up and diagnostic service held for campus cyclists twice a year)
  • Bicycle Coordinating Committee (a diverse group that effects positive changes for bicycling on campus)


Bike Amenities Map

For additional questions about bicycling on campus, feel free to contact TPS at (806) 742-PARK (7275) or bike.parking@ttu.edu.

About Citibus and Bus Routes

Citibus provides on- and off-campus bus service in Lubbock under the direction and guidance of Texas Tech's Student Government Association.

On-campus service is free to anyone on the Texas Tech campus. Students may ride for free on any Citibus off-campus route by showing their Texas Tech ID card. Click here  to see schedules and maps.

On-Campus Bus Routes

Three routes are used just for the Texas Tech campus. Download the TPS campus routes brochure here

Red Raider Route Double T Route Masked Rider Route
Circles campus clockwise Circles campus counter-clockwise Circles campus clockwise
Service every 6 minutes*
from 7:25 a.m. to 7:17 p.m.
Service every 6 minutes*
from 7:25 a.m. to 6:59 p.m.
Provides service to S1
Commuter Satellite lots
    Service every 7 minutes*
from 7:25 a.m. to 7:21 p.m.

*Duration may be longer after 4 p.m. 

Off-Campus Routes

Citibus provides a number of Off-Campus routes, including ones that transfer to Texas Tech campus buses. Click here to see a list of maps for these routes.

DoubleMap Bus Tracking App

Citibus offers DoubleMap for live bus tracking. Download the app through the App Store or Google Play store. Search for "Citibus (Lubbock)" in the location selection after downloading.

Need Help? Contact us!

Email the transportation demand management staff at transportation@ttu.edu for bus, Raider Ride, and bicycling questions.


Evening Transportation Service

From 6 p.m. to 2:45 a.m. seven days a week during the semester, Transportation & Parking Services provides a night shuttle service to students.

  • Raider Ride is free when the starting or ending point of the trip is on the TTU main campus or Satellite lots.
  • Raider Ride has a $5 charge per rider when the trip is from any off-campus location to another off-campus location.

Request a ride during service hours through the TapRide app (Google Play, App Store). A valid student ID is needed. Raider Ride uses white 10-passenger vans for service. Raider Ride operates from the night before the first day of class through the Sunday morning following commencement during the fall, spring, and summer II semesters. For summer I, Raider Ride operates from the first day of class through the morning following the last final. Raider Ride does not operate on Texas Tech holidays.


 Interested in driving for Raider Ride? Contact transportation@ttu.edu



TPS launched TECS in September 2019 to provide a way for Texas Tech University employees to have a free way to get around campus while helping decrease vehicle traffic and increase pedestrian safety on campus. 

TECS offers free rides to Texas Tech University employees across the TTU, HSC, Texas Tech Plaza, and Downtown campuses every weekday when TTU is open from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Get rides on demand, or schedule a ride from 7 days to 2 hours in advance.

Creating an Account

  1. Download the Tapride app from the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Open TapRide, and select Texas Tech University from the list.
  3. Create an account using your TTU email address as your username and email.

Requesting or Scheduling a Ride

  1. Open the TapRide app, and log in.
  2. When do you need a ride?
    • If scheduling 7 days to 2 hours in advance:
      1. Select "Schedule a Ride."
      2. Enter your pickup date and time.
      3. Select "Next."
    • If needing a ride within 2 hours, select "Start."
  3. Choose your pickup and drop-off locations from the pre-determined locations or by typing in the building names of the locations.
  4. When correct, select "Confirm Ride."
  5. Select the numbers of passengers and any other requirement for the trip (ADA access, etc.).
  6. Select "Submit Ride."
  7. You will receive a push notification with your expected pickup time when a driver is assigned your ride. (This can vary depending on the demand for the service at that time. You will be notified if the expected pickup time changes.)
  8. Your assigned van will "honk" when they arrive. This sends a push notification to your phone letting you know your ride has arrived. Please be ready for your pickup time. The driver waits three minutes after they "honk."
  9. Meet your shuttle at the point indicated on the TapRide app.


Notes on Scheduled Rides

  • To check on or edit a scheduled ride, open the menu from the top lefthand corner in the app.
  • You can schedule up to 10 rides at one time.

Download these instructions here!

About Vehicle Rental

Vehicle Rental provides clean, low mileage 7-passenger and 12-passenger vans for rent to any university department.

Rental charges are conveniently charged to departmental accounts.

Vehicle Rental Process

  1. Contact Vehicle Rental Fleet to check availability at transportation@ttu.edu
  2. Complete the Vehicle Reservation Order Form
  3. The completed Vehicle Reservation Order Form will be automatically sent to TDM & Transit Manager Craig Cotton
  4. Vehicle rental is scheduled
  5. All users must possess a valid operator's license and be approved by the Office of Risk Management.
  6. Driver will pick-up vehicle on scheduled date and time

Rental Rates

Our rental rates are as follows:

  • 7-passenger vans have an initial rental fee of $60 per day. The first 200 miles for each day are free, with an additional $0.35 fee for every mile thereafter.
  • 12-passenger vans have an initial rental fee of $70 per day. The first 200 miles for each day are free, with an additional $0.40 fee for every mile thereafter.

Quick Links

About Fleet Management

Our Mission is to provide and manage safe, economical, and appropriate transportation for faculty and staff to perform their official duties.

    • User Authorization
      • All users must possess a valid operator's license and be approved by the Office of Risk Management.
    • Vehicle Use Reporting
      • Government Code, Section 2203.01 requires that each operator make a daily report of use on the State of Texas Vehicle Use Report. These reports may be printed from this page.
    • Accident Reporting
    • Training
      • Vehicle Fleet Management will provide reporting compliance training periodically to all applicable areas. In addition, training may be requested by individual departments on an as-needed basis. The 15-Passenger Van Driver Training Course is offered through Human Development.

Contact Information

Amy Lewis, Fleet Manager

Administrative Support Center, Room 201
407 Flint Ave
Lubbock, TX 79409                      

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Operating Policies & Procedures


Scooters and E-Bikes

Catch a Lime-S electric scooter or Lime-E electric assist bicycle to get around campus and Lubbock! Pell Grant recipients and students receiving other government assistance are eligible for reduced rates.

  • Follow the same rules as bicycles
  • Always park at bike racks and in designated Lime parking zones
  • Wearing a helmet is strongly encouraged