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Park Hunger

Park Hunger

Donate items for Texas Tech's Raider Red's Food Pantry that at least equal the value of your unpaid citation and have your citation dismissed!

In partnership with Raider Red's Food Pantry, Park Hunger allows those who have an unpaid Texas Tech parking citation to bring items to donate to RRFP to the Transportation and Parking Services office in exchange for a citation dismissal.

Items to donate include unopened shelf-stable food, especially canned meats like tuna or chicken, granola and breakfast bars, microwavable meals, cereals, pastas, rice, beans, canned vegetables and fruits, and peanut butter. Hygiene and cleaning items are also accepted. (RRFP currently has a surplus of green beans, so when purchasing items, please look for other items.)  

Dates and Locations

May 6-17, 2019
Transportation & Parking Services Office
407 Flint Avenue, Suite 145
7:30 a.m. – 8 p.m.



Items donated must be new, unused, and unexpired and equal at least the value of the citation to be dismissed. A receipt for the items is needed for verification. Only one citation dismissal may be awarded. Citations 16 (parking in a space or area designated for persons with disabilities without the proper insignia), 17 (blocking an access ramp or curb cut designated to aid persons with disabilities), and 18 (display or use of a lost, stolen, forged, revoked, or altered decal or license plate) are not included for the offer. Monetary donations to the Wreck Hunger Food Pantry cannot be accepted.

Park Hunger

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