Texas Tech University

Citations and Enforcement

Parking enforcement serves two primary purposes: ensuring permit holders have a place to park when they arrive to their campus destination; and ensuring all who are using parking on campus are sharing in the cost of this resource. Enforcement uses warnings, citations, and immobilization—either auto boots or towing—to accomplish these purposes. 

Parking in an area without the proper ePermit can displace the rightful ePermit holders, interfere with empty space counts that in turn lowers sale numbers and increases ePermit costs, and cause wear and tear on lots that rightful ePermit holders must bear. 

TPS receives no tuition money or state funds to create or maintain parking on campus, and, as an auxiliary service, TPS must create its own funding. Roughly 80 percent of the funding comes from permit sales, and less than 20 percent comes from enforcement. See more information about funding here


 The Traffic and Parking Rules and Regulations detail citations and impounds. The graphic below shows the list of citations. 

Citation Costs

Resolving Citations

Citations are resolved in one of two ways:

  1. Pay the stated fee for the citation within 10 calendar days.
  2. Appeal the citation in writing within 10 days of the alleged violation. 

If a citation is not paid or appealed within 10 calendar days, the recipient receives a late charge of $5. Permit holders may not renew or purchase an ePermit until they resolve all citations. 

Avoiding Citations

  • Learn where your ePermit allows you to park, and park in only those areas.
  • If you have questions about where to park, contact TPS by phone, email, social media, or in person at the TPS office or any campus entry station to clarify. 
  • Keep your license plate number updated in your My Parking Account so license-plate recognition vehicles can see your vehicle has a permit. 
  • Look for and avoid parking in areas and spaces reserved 24 hours a day, even if parking for a short time. 
  • If you have extenuating circumstances or a specific issue, please contact TPS beforehand to see if TPS employees can make special arrangements.