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Raider Park

Raider Park is an 11-floor, privately operated garage located west of the University Avenue and Marsha Sharp Freeway intersection. It provides more than 1,000 spaces of covered parking and sits next to a pedestrian bridge leading to the Commuter North parking lot, giving easy access to Texas Tech campus and Jones AT&T Stadium. Weekday bus service is provided.

Raider Park

About Raider Park ePermits

Students with Raider Park ePermits may park in Raider Park Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Raider Park ePermit holders may park on the west side of the second, third, and fourth floors and in any space on the fifth floor and above. Avoid parking on the first floor of the garage and in 25Twenty resident spaces. Resident spaces are located on the eastern half of the second, third, and fourth floors. They are numbered with a white "R" in a red box following the numbers. Signs stating "Reserved Parking" are also found in resident areas. Towing is enforced.

After 2:30 p.m. each weekday, those with a Raider Park ePermit may park in Commuter West and Commuter North.


Two elevators and two stairwells provide access to all floors.

Raider Park ePermit holders may enter the garage from either the east or west entrance.

Purchase of an ePermit for Raider Park requires the one-time purchase of a $6 gate access key for the garage. If the Raider Park ePermit is renewed upon expiration, the card will continue to work at the gates. The key card is refundable if returned in good, working conditionRaider Park ePermit holders may pick up and turn in their cards at the Transportation & Parking Services office at 2903 4th Street.

Height of driving aisles is 7'6".

Raider Park Management

Raider Park is not owned or operated by Texas Tech University, and use is granted through a lease agreement with the facility's management.

Residents of the 25Twenty apartments also use Raider Park. Spaces on the east side of levels two, three and four and marked with an R are reserved 24 hours daily, seven days per week for residents only. Towing is enforced.

Issues regarding the Raider Park facility's physical features such as parking gates, lighting and card reader access should be reported to Raider Park management at (806) 853-7150.

Football Game Day Parking

Want to park your vehicle or RV in Raider Park for Red Raider football game days?
Visit the Red Raider Club for additional information.