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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the application deadlines?

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Please note: For PhD students seeking admittance for Fall 2021, the application has closed. The Fall 2022 application will open in September of 2021. In order to access the widest array of financial support, we encourage students to apply as early as a year in advance of their anticipated start date.

How does the application process work?

To apply for admission to the Ph.D. program, you will need to apply to both the Rawls College of Business and the Texas Tech Graduate School. After receipt and processing of all the required documents in the application file by both the Rawls College of Business and Graduate Admissions at the Texas Tech Graduate School, the file is sent to the department faculty advisor and is then reviewed by the department faculty. Upon review of the file by the department faculty, the Rawls College of Business and Graduate Admissions are notified of the decision. You will receive a letter stating the final decision on your application from the Office of Graduate Admissions.

How soon do we process completed information (i.e. When do we inform applicants about the admission decisions)?

Admissions decisions are made as soon as possible after receiving all required materials, but it is typically at least a month before all the processing is completed. January is a particularly busy month at the Rawls College of Business and Graduate Admissions as they are processing numerous applications. During this time, it could take several weeks from the date all documents are received before your file is forwarded to the department for review.

Is there an advantage to applying early?

Applications are typically reviewed by department faculty as the completed files are received. Some outstanding students might be admitted immediately, while others are put on a "short list" and considered more carefully after additional applications have been received. Although applications will continue to be accepted until the deadline, we suggest that you apply as soon as possible in order to have the best chances for admission into the Ph.D. program and also access to the widest array of financial support.

Is there still a chance of admission if I apply late in the application period?

Offers are typically extended throughout the application period up until all available slots have been filled. If your application is otherwise acceptable, but there are no openings currently available, you will be put on a “wait list” and will be considered if a space opens up at a later date (for example, if a student turns down an offer). You should contact the director of the Ph.D. program in your area of interest to get information on the status of their application process.

Is it possible to arrange a visit to Texas Tech?

Applicants are welcome to visit the campus, and appointments can be arranged for applicants to meet faculty members as well as currently enrolled Ph.D. students. Contact the director of the Ph.D. program in your area of interest to determine the best time for your visit.

What are the admission criteria?

All applicants will be considered and prospective students will be profiled based on work experience, academic records, GMAT score, recommendation letters, and essays. While there are no minimum criteria for admission, students accepted into the Ph.D. program often have a graduate degree with a GPA above 3.75 and a GMAT score above 700. In addition, international students are required to provide proof of English proficiency. See depts.ttu.edu/gradschool/admissions/InternationalProspectiveStudents.php for more information.

Does Rawls accept the GRE instead of the GMAT?

Yes, most tracks in the PhD program will accept either the GMAT or GRE. The Marketing and Supply Chain Management track will only accept GMAT scores. If you reside in a country that is not currently administering the GMAT, please contact the PhD advisor.

Is Financial Assistance/ Scholarship/Fellowships provided to all accepted applicants?

Nearly all accepted applicants receive assistantships, and some receive additional fellowships.

Is health insurance available for accepted students?

Students can purchase health insurance through Academic Health Plans. All registered international students on non-immigrant visas enrolled in one (1) or more credit hours are required to purchase the Student Health Insurance Plan and are automatically enrolled in the plan unless evidence of coverage is provided that meets the Texas Tech University international student requirements.

What are the academic requirements?

The Rawls College of Business requires that doctoral students must maintain at least a 3.20 GPA. The GPA is computed on all graduate courses included on the degree program. Students falling below a 3.2 GPA will be subject to probationary action.

What are the residency requirements?

The Ph.D. program in business administration is a full-time program. Doctoral students are expected to maintain continuous enrollment until they graduate. In addition, the Graduate School at Texas Tech University requires all doctoral students to complete, in residence, a minimum of one year full-time graduate study beyond the master's degree (or beyond the equivalent of this degree if the student proceeds to doctoral work without taking a master's degree), regardless of the amount of graduate work completed elsewhere.

When is a dissertation topic chosen?

Doctoral students are encouraged to begin evaluating possible dissertation topics while completing course work and qualifying examinations. When all required courses and examinations have been completed, students are recommended for candidacy for the doctoral degree to the Graduate School. Upon admission to candidacy, a three-member doctoral dissertation committee is formed to guide the design and conduct of dissertation research. A formal proposal of the dissertation must be successfully defended before the student proceeds with dissertation research. The candidate defends the dissertation at a final examination conducted by the members of the dissertation committee before an audience of faculty and graduate students.