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Academic Safety Resources

University Laboratory Safety Manual

The University Laboratory Safety Manual is a compilation of Texas Tech University safety policies and procedures across scientific disciplines. Its purpose is to serve as a singular laboratory safety resource for faculty, staff and students.

Institutional Compliance Committees (Information and Forms)

Institutional Compliance Committees (IRLSC, IBC, IRB, IACUC, and ILSC) are composed of faculty, staff, and community members. These committees oversee the creation and implementation of necessary safety and regulatory compliance policies for Texas Tech University personnel and review and approve research and teaching activities involving materials or beings subject to state and federal regulations.


Forms are available for barcode requests & returns, equipment decontamination, chemical transfers, and more.

Lab Tools, Templates, and Posters

EHS understands that PIs have to wear a lot of hats.  We have created many documents and tools to help ease the administrative burdens associated with operating a lab.  If we are missing something you would like to see, let us know!

Lab Safety Services

Several services are offered by EHS for your lab.  Need your fume hood or safety shower checked?  Maybe a safety survey to identify hazards you have overlooked...request those services here.


EHS has written a number of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for campus use.  They are written with best practices and universal precautions in mind, but are not written to address the specific hazards or materials in work areas.  

Safety Videos

Make safety a part of your regular lab meetings with this short, informative videos!


Chances are that you aren't the first one a question for EHS.  View our FAQs to see if we've already addressed an issue...do see what you're looking for?  Ask us here!

Useful Links

Wanna know were we get our safety and regulatory information for our policies - view our library!  We have listed electronically available resources here for your reference and use.

Buying a Drone

Did you know you can't just buy a drone for university research?  Find out there necessary steps here.