Texas Tech University

Honors College Student joins Peace Corps

Vincent Cauntay


I am a graduating senior originally from Lubbock. I graduated from Frenship High School in 2012. I will graduate with two majors, Honors Arts & Letters/Spanish, and a minor in Psychology. I am a First-Generation college student. My interests outside of academia are film, soccer, and literature. My thesis title is: Poster Art in the Spanish Civil War: Homage to Three Republican Propaganda Artists.


Thesis Abstract:

The Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) possesses a unique quality distinct from many other national and international conflicts of the 20th century. It was primarily a struggle between ideologies. The chasm between the ideological differences between the Nationalist front and Republican front was exacerbated by the use of poster art propaganda. Poster art was used to recruit workers to fight in the war, promote political parties and ideological interests, and vilify the opposition. Poster art propaganda in the Spanish Civil War proved to be an invaluable tool for both sides of the bloody struggle, but little is known about the artists who produced these posters. These artists deserve international recognition for their important work during the Spanish Civil War.

Short Statement:

The decision to apply for the Peace Corps came to me while I was studying Spanish in Seville, Spain. My experiences abroad were invaluable; they provided me the opportunity to interact and connect with other people from cultures very different from mine. The friendships I made were the most valuable part of my experience. Indeed, the human connection is a powerful one. Since I already had an affinity for civil service, I thought the Peace Corps' ideals lined up perfectly with mine, so the decision to apply was a no-brainer. I applied while still in Spain. I originally applied with the intention to serve in a Spanish-speaking country and work with at-risk youth in the Community Development sector (I had experience working with youth during an internship in Seville). When I got the notification that I had been selected to teach English in China, though, I was pleasantly surprised. I realized at that moment that it didn't matter where I went or what I did. I only cared that I was given the opportunity to represent the United States in a country that needed help. I will be teaching English in a university in China, but I will not know where in China until after my pre-service training in Sichuan. During the 10-week pre-service training, I will be receiving intensive Chinese language instruction, Chinese culture lessons, and TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) lessons. I am ecstatic, albeit a bit nervous, about my journey to China. I know it will not be easy, but I think the experience will prove to be positive and life changing.