Texas Tech University


I'm an FYE Mentor, can I be in URS at the same time? OR What if I already have a job elsewhere on campus?

Yes. Students may work more than one job on campus. However, University rules state that students may not work more than 20 hours total between their jobs. This rule in enforced. And remember, URS only pays for up to 10 hours a week.

Can I be in URS and write an Honors Thesis at the same time?

Yes. Students writing an Honors Thesis, both HAL and non-HAL may participate in URS. These students will receive guidelines on how to report their time to be paid.

Can I attend other academic conferences?

Yes. The Honors College tries to support, as funds are available and in conjunction with the mentor's home department, students traveling to present at field specific conferences. URS students may apply for Conference travel funding.

Do I have to do research in my major?

No. Many students choose to explore other topics that interest them. Your undergraduate years are the best time to investigate; you never know where something might lead!

Your question not answered here? Email URS administrator, Lori Lightfoot for further information.