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Honors College Application Frequently Asked Questions

What are the minimum SAT and ACT scores that I need in order to apply?

We recommend that applicants have a minimum 1300 SAT or 1360 Revised SAT, 29 on the ACT, and/or be in the top 10% of your graduating class. However, these are only recommendations. The Honors College application will be evaluated as a portfolio and your scores and/or class rank are not a guarantee that you will be invited to join the College, nor should they necessarily be a barrier in your decision to apply.

Where do I mail my recommendation letters?

Applicants will list the names and e-mail addresses of two recommenders in the online application. We do not accept hard copies or the traditional letter of recommendation format. Instead, recommenders will be emailed a link to our online Recommendation Form.

Whom should I choose for my recommenders?

We highly recommend that you select individuals who can attest to your aptitude in the classroom, preferably teachers and/or high school counselors, and who can provide a strong endorsement of your potential success in the Honors College. The electronic recommendation form is structured to identify your academic strengths, so please keep this in mind when selecting your two recommenders.

Can I have more than two recommenders?

To maintain a fair standard for all students, we only allow two recommendations on the application.

How can I change my recommender if I have already submitted my application?

To change your recommender, please email Honors.Admissions@ttu.edu with the following information: your name, the name of the recommender who will be removed, and the name and e-mail address of your new recommender.

My recommender did not receive the link to the recommendation form. How can I resend the link?

Please email Honors.Admissions@ttu.edu with your name and the name of the recommender who did not receive the link to the recommendation form.

I submitted my application and I have not heard anything. What should I do?

Please contact the Honors College at Honors.Admissions@ttu.edu.

I'm on the waitlist. When can I expect to hear back about a final decision?

The Honors College will not know for certain how many students we can accept from the waitlist until after May 1st, the deadline for invited students to either accept or decline their invitation to join the College. We will notify all waitlisted students of our final decisions by June 1st.

Where am I on the waitlist?

Waitlisted students are not assigned a number or rank. Admission of waitlisted students is done on a rolling basis beginning on May 1st. As contracts are returned by this deadline, we will assess the number of available seats and begin choosing from the waitlist at that time. Selection from the waitlist is complete by June 1st. All students will be notified of their final status on or before June 1st.

I've been invited to join the Honors College but I haven't made my final decision yet. What should I do?

If you are unsure of which college you will be attending, please return the contract with the decision to “defer”. If your plans become finalized prior to the May 1st deadline, please notify us as soon as possible with your decision.

If you defer, please remember that the final deadline for accepting your space in the Honors College is May 1st.

How can I see what is missing on my application?

If your application has been submitted, you can access a checklist which will show you what items are missing from your application.

To view the checklist, log in to https://texastech.force.com/applicantportaland select your Honors College application.

If you have any additional questions, please contact the Honors College at Honors.Admissions@ttu.edu.

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