Texas Tech University

CMI 4301-H04: Adventure Media: Honors

adventure media class in big bend

Man (and woman) kind desire it, literature and journalism document and create a sense of it, and multi-million dollar industries promote it: ADVENTURE!

This unique course offers students creative, critical, practical, and strategic insight and experience in analyzing and producing media centered around the concept and popularized notion of adventure by placing them in the middle of it!

Although scheduled for six Saturdays on campus, this class's primary learning and application takes place during a Spring Break intensive outdoor lab amidst a southwestern Utah bike packing expedition along the White Rim Trail and Canyonlands National Park, a land made legendary by the likes of Edward Abbey, adventure seekers worldwide, and the political perspective on public lands use.

Students will engage in various hands-on, professional creative media storytelling practices that communicate the natural world, a culture that continues to shape it, and an experience that defines modern day exploration and adventure. This transformative "study away" course is the only one in the nation that features bikepacking as both the lab environment and source of course programming, and through this experience, students gain both tangible skills and intangible (and invaluable) perspectives on their abilities and place in the 21st century's natural world.

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