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The Violet Response Project

September 28, 2020

20/20 Visions: The Violet Response Project

2020 has given people the permission to lean into and share their own stories by fighting for empathy and support at every turn. "20/20 Visions" invites audiences to reflect on the past year’s events while offering a hopeful perspective looking forward.

September 28, 2020

Introducing Animation

Animation Studies reminds us that animation is not just Mickey Mouse and talking cars. The field is rich with theoretical and practical frameworks that discuss everyday influences, such as the explosion of Japanese animation imports, localization and globalization of culture, the arts in performance, and application of these tenets to home disciplines that allow students to explore their own role in a technological world.

Dorothy Chansky

September 28, 2020

Everybody Eats: Conversations with Food Studies

"Conversations with Food" is but one example of the humanities’ foray into interdisciplinary study that discovers how the commonplace becomes the noteworthy. Not everyone is a humanities scholar, a theatre professional, or a chef. Not everyone considers food beyond what they will have for dinner. But everybody eats.

September 28, 2020

Coppertone Jones (aka Matthew Posey) and the Pioneers of the Suavant Guarde

Recognized by many for his work as a character actor in films such as Antoine Fuqua’s "The Magnificent Seven," the Coen brother’s "No Country for Old Men," and David Byrne’s "True Stories," Texas Tech University School of Theatre and Dance alumnus Matthew Posey (BA 1980) is also the creative mind behind one of the most interesting and exciting small theaters in the Southwest region.