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Ali Duffy and her new book.

September 02, 2020

Book Club: Exploring Career Paths in Dance

What do I want to be when I grow up? It’s a timeless question we ask as kids, young adults, and in the middle of our careers. And, if your interest is in dance, it’s a question that a new book written by Dr. Ali Duffy, associate professor of dance, might be able to help answer.

Charlotte Boye-Christensen

September 02, 2020

A Need for Change

The need for change is not letting us look away. It was and remains incredibly moving to see the demands for social justice in the wake of the murder of George Floyd. While that energy is inspiring, it is simultaneously so hard and uncomfortable and dispiriting to see and feel the depth of the need for change. It should never have been this necessary... It cannot be unseen… It never should have been.

Mark Charney

September 01, 2020

A Need for Change

Change can be hard, but so necessary. This summer, a group of current students and alumni issued a Call to Action, challenging the School of Theatre & Dance and the College of Visual and Performing Arts to do better in creating a culture that welcomes and includes all our students, faculty, and staff of Black, Indigenous, Latinx, and other communities of color.

Amy Laney

May 06, 2020

A Brave New World

Distinguished Alum of Texas Tech Amy Laney has been hard at work making sure that students of Lubbock ISD experience theatre no matter the obstacle. I recently had the chance to discuss moving to an online environment with theatre and how her relationship with Tech is developing in uncertain times.