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Theatre & Dance News

April 28, 2023

Staff Spotlight: Kyle Rainey

Meet Kyle Rainey, a technical director whose love for theatre and technology emerged during his senior year of high school. Initially uncertain about his future, Kyle opted to study performance in college. He graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BFA in Theatre, specializing in Acting and Directing, from Rockford University. Throughout his education, Kyle devoted equal time to both onstage and backstage pursuits, fostering a comprehensive understanding of theatre.

April 28, 2023

The Newly Renovated Maedgen Theatre

The end of April marks the opening ceremony for the newly renovated Charles E. Maedgen, Jr. Theatre, and the first production the be staged in the space, Sweet Charity. The theatre and the spaces attached to it are a part of the final phase of a $46 million complete renovation of the Theatre and Dance Complex here at Texas Tech.

April 28, 2023

Alumni Spotlight: Christi Figueroa

Christi Figueroa (BFA 1999) grew up attending theatre and opera performances with her parents, but she did not really get involved in theatre until her senior year of high school. When she was applying for undergraduate programs, she intended to major in pre-physical therapy, but it soon became clear that theatre was something she wanted to pursue.

April 20, 2023

The Power of Higher Education

"Higher education is broken." It’s a refrain I hear too often these days...Many feel the future looks bleak. But as we bring a close to the Spring of 2023, it’s hard to share this dark outlook. Part of my optimism, of course, is based on the opening of Phase II of our Theatre & Dance complex, a new very forward-looking and visionary Dean, and a great administration. But my real belief in the power of higher education comes from every class I teach.