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Mark Charney

October 27, 2021

Sharpening Critical Acumen

Shouldn’t art aspire, as much as it inspires? The School of Theatre & Dance at Texas Tech believes that art is a part of our moral, intellectual, and spiritual development. Critical analysis is one of the keys to this development, dissecting the enigmas of art in the hopes of reaching both an individual and collective understanding of the world around us.

Kyla Olson

October 27, 2021

In Motion

Nine weeks into the semester, and the days are flying by as we move full steam ahead on classes and upcoming productions. Shifting back to in-person activities, there’s a vibrant consciousness of "awakenings" happening within our regular routines, challenging us to dig deeper in our work.

TWI attendees

October 27, 2021

Looking back on the Provincetown Tennessee Williams Festival

You won’t hear me tell you it wasn’t an unqualified blast. The Provincetown Tennessee Williams Festival was enriching, scenic, and buckets of fun, and yes, it was demanding and nonstop, too, at times downright wearying, but what more could you ask or much less expect from such a distinguished and coordinated event? Nothing, says I. Not one single thing.

Scott Wojcik

October 27, 2021

Scott Wojcik: Compassion and Core Values ... in Casting?

For many aspiring performers, casting directors are enigmas. Because they are often the gatekeepers between performers and key opportunities, casting directors possess power which can be more than a little intimidating. If we are honest, perhaps some of us will admit that we have bought into the stereotype that they are impatient, rude people who relish the status of their position. If there are any truths in these biases, you will find none of them exemplified in Scott Wojcik (MFA Program 1988-91), founding partner of Wojcik | Seay Casting in New York City.