Texas Tech University

Transporting Biological Materials

The conditions below pertain to the transport of biological materials to or between Texas Tech work areas are described in section B13 of the Biological Safety Manual.  The requirements are outlined below.  

Shipping a biological material?  Visit the Materials Shipping page for more information.  Ready to ship?  Don't forget to submit your Shipping Request Form at least 2 business days before you plan to ship your package.

The Dos and Don'ts of transporting biological material at TTU:

  1. Use a cart or university vehicle to transporting biological materials to or between work areas on Texas Tech property. 
  2. Do not take biological materials to non-lab areas or leave items unattended when transporting materials.
  3. The destination work area must be the appropriate biosafety level for the risk group of the materials being transported.
  4. Materials must be properly packaged as outlined in section B13.1.2 of the Biosafety Manual.
  5. Do not open the package during transport.
  6. If you are traveling, have a biological spill kit appropriate for your materials with you in case of a spill.
  7. In the event of a spill between laboratories on campus, notify EHS at 806-742-3876.


This page is currently under construction. Contact EHS at 806.742.3876 or email ehs.lab.safety@ttu.edu with your questions.