Texas Tech University

Honors College Faculty & Staff

Name Title
<div style="visibility: hidden;">Smith</div>, <div style="visibility: hidden;">Allie</div>, <p style="visibility: hidden;">Ph.D., MPH, M(ASCP)CM</p>


Associate Professor

Bradatan, Costica, <p style="visibility: hidden;">Ph.D.</p> Bradatan, Costica,


Cain, Chad Cain, Chad Assistant Dean
Carrell, John, Ph.D. Carrell, John, Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Caswell, Kurt, <p style="visibility: hidden;"></p> Caswell, Kurt,

Professor, Director of Honors Arts and Letters
Crawford, Ashlie, <p style="visibility: hidden;"></p> Crawford, Ashlie,

Associate Director of Systems & Administration
Flores, Wendoli Flores, Wendoli Director, Prestigious External Student Awards
Frazier, Kelsey Frazier, Kelsey Senior Academic Advisor
Giemza, Bryan, Ph.D. Giemza, Bryan, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Humanities and Literature
Havens, Shelbey, <p style="visibility: hidden;"></p> Havens, Shelbey,

Assistant Director of Development
Hernandez, Jill, <p style="visibility: hidden;">Ph.D.</p> Hernandez, Jill,


Dean of the Honors College, Professor
Hodes, Joe, Ph.D. Hodes, Joe, Ph.D. Associate Professor of International Studies
Jai, Tun-Min (Catherine), Ph.D. Jai, Tun-Min (Catherine), Ph.D. Associate Professor/Retail Management, Associate Dean of Honors College
LaLonde, Suzanne, Ph.D. LaLonde, Suzanne, Ph.D. Lecturer
Poteet, Stacy Poteet, Stacy Program Director
Rocha, Zachary Rocha, Zachary Senior Multimedia Journalist
Rumbelow, Linda Rumbelow, Linda Senior Academic Advisor
Scheckel, Beth, MA Scheckel, Beth, MA Senior Academic Advisor
Timmons, Sarah Timmons, Sarah Program Director
Timmons, Nathan Timmons, Nathan Program Director of Academic Success and Innovation
Tomlinson, Susan, Ph.D. Tomlinson, Susan, Ph.D. Associate Professor
Tooley, Amanda Tooley, Amanda Senior Administrative Assistant
Westbrooks, Tori, <p style="visibility: hidden;"></p> Westbrooks, Tori,

Administrative Assistant
Wong, Aliza, Ph.D. Wong, Aliza, Ph.D. Director of the American Academy of Rome, Minnie Stevens Piper Foundation Professor, Professor of Honors College and History, and the Director of European Studies