Texas Tech University

Honors College Faculty & Staff

Name Title
Belew, Cheyenne Belew, Cheyenne Academic Analyst
Bradatan, Costica, Ph.D. Bradatan, Costica, Ph.D. Professor
Cain, Chad Cain, Chad Senior Academic Advisor
Carrell, John, Ph.D. Carrell, John, Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Caswell, Kurt, M.F.A. Caswell, Kurt, M.F.A. Professor; Director of Honors Arts and Letters
Cox, Irene Cox, Irene Assistant to the Dean, Business Manager
Flores, Wendoli Flores, Wendoli Director, Prestigious External Student Awards
Garza, Ester Garza, Ester Business Assistant
Giemza, Bryan, Ph.D., J.D. Giemza, Bryan, Ph.D., J.D. Associate Professor of Humanities and Literature
Hodes, Joe, Ph.D. Hodes, Joe, Ph.D. Assistant Professor
LaLonde, Suzanne, Ph.D. LaLonde, Suzanne, Ph.D. Instructor
Lightfoot, Lori Lightfoot, Lori Lead Administrator - Undergraduate Research Scholars, Honors Ambassadors
Louis, Dave, Ph.D. Louis, Dave, Ph.D. Interim Associate Dean, Associate Professor
Poteet, Stacy Poteet, Stacy Director of Scholarships and Engagement
Rios, Abel Rios, Abel Senior Academic Advisor, Scheduling Coordinator
San Francisco, Michael, Ph.D. San Francisco, Michael, Ph.D. Dean, Professor, Director of Clark Scholars Program
Smith, Allie, Ph.D. Smith, Allie, Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Timmons, Sarah Timmons, Sarah Lead Administrator - First Year Experience Program, Honors Book Club
Tomlinson, Susan, Ph.D. Tomlinson, Susan, Ph.D. Assistant Dean; Associate Professor; Director of Admissions; President’s Administrative Fellow
Wong, Aliza, Ph.D. Wong, Aliza, Ph.D. Interim Dean, Professor, Director of European Studies
Yeates, Sharon Yeates, Sharon Alumni Coordinator