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Addyson Davis

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Addyson Davis

Addyson Davis is originally born and raised in Dumas, Texas before she moved to Lubbock in 2019 to pursue her bachelor's degree at Texas Tech University. She graduated in May of 2023 with a B.A. in Psychology and a minor in Spanish, with Honors from the Honors College. Throughout her undergrad, Addyson loved being a member of Honors, as well as a member of the Bayless Mentoring Program. A few short months after graduation, she was overjoyed to be connected to the Honors College again through her position as Coordinator of Retention and Engagement in August of 2023. Addyson works closely with the House System and its captains, while also working to encourage participation in the Honors College outside of the classroom. In her spare time, Addyson enjoys reading, playing piano, and watching movies. She also loves to go camping, though she spends most of her time attempting to befriend the wildlife.