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The only Honors requirement incoming first year must complete is the First-Year Experience Program (FYE). All other Honors courses are optional in the first semester, though students often elect to take additional Honors courses that fulfill degree requirements. Please note that Honors students are only required to take an FYE course once, during their first fall semester in the Honors College.

Course Availability

Because our upper-level students have already registered for non-FYE Honors courses, many Honors courses have reached enrollment limits by the time new students arrive for summer orientation. However, several of our courses are focused on First-year student requirements (Calculus I, General Chemistry, etc.) and generally have spaces available throughout the first part of the summer. Students who wish to obtain additional permits for non-FYE Honors courses which are in high demand, as are CHEM 1307 and MATH 1451, are strongly advised to sign up for the earliest RRO session possible, as these courses do fill quickly; unfortunately, we are unable to guarantee spaces in high-demand Honors classes to all incoming Honors first year who wish to take them.

In our 2019 Fall FYE Course Booklet, those courses highlighted in red have reached their enrollment limit while those in black still have open seats. Please note: Raiderlink may not accurately reflect how many seats are actually available in an Honors course. Because we keep our enrollment records in-house (please see explanation of permit system below), courses are often shown as having availability although they are full and may have lengthy waitlists. The course listing on our website is the only accurate representation of what courses are available at any given time.

Course Enrollment and Permits

To enroll in a non-FYE Honors course, you must receive a permit from an Honors advisor, which grants you permission to register for that specific course. The Raiderlink system will not allow you to register for any (non-FYE) Honors course without having first received a permit from an Honors advisor.

Honors permits are given on a first-come, first-serve basis. Advisors will not begin giving permits until 9:30 AM on Day 2 of Red Raider Orientation sessions. Students must see their primary advisor AND create an intended schedule before a permit will be awarded. Because our courses have limited availability and seating, we require an intended fall schedule, including the dates and times of specific course sections planned, from all students requesting a permit to illustrate that the Honors course being requested fits logistically into the schedule alongside other courses being taken. You must see your primary advisor to create a tentative schedule. Students who have not seen their primary advisor AND created an intended schedule will not be awarded a permit.

If a (non-FYE) Honors course you wish to take is full, you have the option of being placed on our waitlist. We do not utilize the Raiderlink waitlist system, as all waitlist records for Honors courses are kept in-house. You will be notified via your Texas Tech email account if space has become available for you. If placed on a waitlist, check your Texas Tech email account daily for possible notification that you have received a permit, as only a small window of time (usually 1-2 days) is allotted to accept the offered space in the course. Even if you are high on a waitlist, we suggest that you register for a preferred alternative course or section in the event that a seat in the Honors section does not become available for you. Our waitlist process continues until the last day to add courses (the third class day of the semester). After that date, no further class seats are given, regardless of enrollment changes.

Once you receive an Honors permit, you must add the course to your schedule yourself via Raiderlink. Receipt of a permit for a course does not automatically register you for the class, but it does ensure that your seat is saved for a limited amount of time. If you receive errors when registering for any Honors course, please take note of or copy the exact text of the error message(s), then contact the Honors advisor who issued your permit for registration assistance.

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