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IBC Protocol Registration

Principle Investigators must register the following research materials with the Institutional Biosafety Committee prior to work beginning:

  • All recombinant and/or synthetic nucleic acid (rNA/sNA) activities (this includes gene editing with CRISPR); and/or
  • Work with materials potentially infectious to humans, plants or other animals; and/or
  • Experiments involving the use of potentially infectious human and/or non-human primate materials, such as unfixed tissues, cell lines, and body fluids/excretions/secretions; and/or
  • The use of animal cell lines with contaminants that pose a danger to humans and/or those immortalized by means that render them dangerous to humans; and/or
  • Any Select Agent as listed in 7 CFR 331, 9 CFR 121, and 42 CFR 73

Review Process

  1. The PI submits the completed IBC application to ibc.ehs@ttu.edu
  2. The protocol is distributed to the IBC committee members for review. 
  3. All committee member comments (if any) are collected by the IBC administrator and sent back to the submitting PI.
  4. The PI must either submit answers to all committee member concerns or resubmit a revised IBC application, whichever is requested by the committee. 
  5. If severe concerns are expressed by the committee, the IBC may request the PI to attend the next meeting to discuss their proposed work.
  6. Once all concerns (if any) have been addressed by the PI, the IBC application is approved and a protocol number is issued to the researcher. 
  7. PIs must submit an annual update to the IBC and renew protocols every three years.


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