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Frequently Asked Questions About The Clark Scholars

What if I do not have my test scores before submitting my application?

Test scores will not be accepted after the application deadline. 

Are international students accepted?


What age must you be to be accepted into the program?

Applicants must be 17 years of age by the program start date. NO exceptions.

How many recommendations are needed?


Can those who have completed the 12th year of High School apply?


Do the recommendations have to be from teachers or current teachers?

At least two out of three recommendations must be from teachers. The third letter can be from a teacher or other individuals such as research mentors, principal investigators or from volunteer organizations where the student is involved. 

Can my counselor submit a recommendation?


You are asking for my counselor's information. Do they have to submit a recommendation?


Once I submit my application, will the recommendation link, post-application submission be sent to my teachers automatically?


Can my recommendation letter be faxed?


What if my school is not listed?

List unknown school and type in the name of your school.

When will students be notified of acceptance?

Decisions will be made by the first part of May.

May I send additional information to supplement my application?

No. Once the deadline has passed, the applicant cannot submit additional information.

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