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About the Anson L. Clark Scholars Program


      Created by Legislative action on February 10, 1923, Texas Technological College was located in Lubbock and opened in the fall of 1925 with an enrollment of 910. Today, Texas Tech University is a Tier One research university in the nation and enjoys an enrollment of approximately 40,000 students. It stands as one of the multipurpose state universities with a spirit of intellectual growth which pervades the campus. The addition of the Clark Scholars Program, perhaps the only one of its kind which is open to gifted students with promise in all areas of academics, is yet another example of the expanding horizons of Texas Tech University.


The Clark Scholars Program is designed to attract gifted students from around the nation and globe. The program allows students the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with outstanding faculty on the general academic campus and the Health Science Center in a research intensive setting. The seven-week program also includes weekly seminars, discussions, and field trips. The students are afforded an atmosphere designed to develop their critical thinking abilities and career interests with faculty and other students like themselves. Students are selected on the basis of their academic accomplishments, teacher recommendations and career objectives. For the 2019 program, appointments were very competitive. For example, the average SAT score for the 12 participants was in the 99th percentile.


During the past 29 summers outstanding high school students from around the country and the globe have come to Texas Tech University to involve themselves in what has become a unique research opportunity. The Clark Scholars Program is unique in that it is open to gifted students in almost any area of academe from not only the natural sciences and mathematics but to the humanities and fine arts as well. Many of these Clark Scholars have used their research experience to help formulate their career paths and goals. The Clark Scholars Program was created by a generous endowment from the Anson L. Clark Foundation and to date has provided more than 350 students the opportunity to work with outstanding, dedicated faculty in one-on-one, hands-on research experiences. Texas Tech is extremely proud of the faculty and Clark Scholars. Their collaborative efforts have established this program as one of the premiere educational experiences for pre-college students.


Texas Tech University is extremely grateful to the Anson L. Clark Foundation. Because of this endowment, students from across the nation will be able to participate for generations to come.





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